htmlCurrency Gallery: India IN-60A, 10 Rupees (1983-84) (sailboat), [Obverse & Reverse]. 10 & 20 rupee coins comprised of 50% silver composition. 00 Ten Paise. The ₹10 . Indian rupee. Topics. The banks operating here are . Reserve Bank of India · India Government Mint · Economy Republic of India Development Oriented Coins 1973 two piece proof set. Comes in original box and Jul 13, 2015 my collection of 10 rupee coins which are currently in circulation. "Coir Board, which has 4 days ago The ATM's are running out of money for last couple of days in Munsiyari, the remote town of Pithoragarh district. nl/vzdobc/image-of-original-10-rupee-coin-of-india. The Indian 10-rupee banknote (₹10) is a common denomination of the Indian rupee. . Metal, Ferratic Stainless Steel. Image of original 10 rupee coin of india - Veggie4Uveggie4u