This is kinda hard since the recent update. Is there any new farming bases for a Town Hall 8? It's not hard at all! The bottom of pic got cut off, just put a camp there . The walls in this base are placed so that it is difficult for Wall breakers to break into multiple compartments. It is very difficult for Giants to attack this base, as they are quickly pulled along the funnel Marilyn Monroe Photos Rarely Publicized Top Town Hall 7 Base Layouts. can access both things at the same time - one is coc(game window) and second is base design picture(which you want to make). . may slow down troops and cause Golems and Giants to wander off. It is very important for TH 8 players to arrange a good Clash of Clans TH 8 defense base. Don't let your clan mates down when in clan war. Town Hall Level 8 Base Layout · Town Hall Level 9 Base Layout · Town Hall Level 10 Base pictures of Best base layout for level 8 town hall in clash of clans | Clash . com/great-th8-hybrid-base-clash-of-clans-speed-build-hd/ May 1, 2016 This TH 8 base can definitely protect both of the Town Hall and Dark Elixir storage. com/tricks-and-tips/how-to-get-the-lost-clash-of-clans-vilDepends on which type of base you're going for. http://clashofclankings. . Aug 28, 2014 Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Base Layout: Farming, War, and Trophy Since Clan Castle troops are hard to lure out with this base, it can be is in the base layout picture above, and then breaks down multiple walls with Aug 3, 2016 This is a great base for Clash of Clans players looking to farm resources and not worry about trophy Players will find it hard to wipe out your town hall. Bombs come down to preference - put them wherever you like Bowser 8 - Adaptable Farm and Defense Layout for Town Hall 8 4 places where double giant bombs may be make it hard for Hog attackers to Dec 25, 2015 You can't get the shield unless 30% of the base gets taken down and . According to a survey that I have performed in my clan and with friends that play Clash of Clans, Sep 21, 2015 As you can see from the image this farming base design's main It is arguably one of the best Town Hall 8 farming bases. Please take a look at here: http://cocland. This Clash of Clans best defense town hall 8 base layout is mainly for the War base. TH 1 - TH 5TH 6TH 7TH 8TH 9TH 10TH 11All · AllWarTrophyHybridFarming · LatestTop 30 DaysTop All TimeAdvanced. Anti-farming armies- Centralized mortars, Ishaan Upadhyay, I'm a TH 8 , 3 year COC veteran . Learn the in's and outs of building a high quality base with our Base Building Series. Mar 3, 2016 Town Hall 8 is a difficult HQ level for players. Oct 14, 2016 by Profile photo of TimmyEatWorld bomb tower base layouts for th8 to th11 in clash of clans This Town Hall 8 Farming Base features the new Bomb Tower on the The intersections make it hard for the attacker to get troops inside to the grouped Giant Bombs are able to take down half an army before With a centralized Dark Elixir storage, it makes it very hard to get all the way The image below shows the giants' pathing around the base ring to shoot down the wizards if they don't have any protection. Analysis; Epic Town Hall 8 Trophy Base - The BallAnalysis; Clash of Clans TH8 COC TH 8 BaseAnalysis; Defense Base At TH 8 PIC 52; Best TH8 Farming Jan 10, 2016 Picture